Many of you have been faithful fans of 1000 Cranes, and we appreciate all the support you’ve given us since our humble beginnings since our formation in 2003. It’s hard to believe that eight years have flown by already, and the last six months have proven to be a watershed moment on multiple levels:

1. We are now acting as a primary content provider to new corporate accounts. We have negotiated speaking engagements at three corporations (Prudential, Kimberly Clark and Home Depot) where 1000 Cranes will act as the primary contractor. In the past, we had played a supporting role in our engagements at Lockheed Martin, Goldman Sachs, and Aramark, but in this case, 1000 Cranes is leading the effort in the content development and delivery of these new corporate programs.

2. We’ve landed our first Federal government client! Based on work 1000 Cranes did with the National Center for Child Traumatic Stress, the Veterans Administration supporting the VISN 6 Mental Illness Research, Education and Clinical Center (MIRECC) contracted with 1000 Cranes to help them with their sustainable strategic plan. Migrating our corporate office from Durham, NC to Washington, DC helps position 1000 Cranes to receive and support more Federal clients.

3. Dual membership in CAPS and NSA! After gaining insight and helpful techniques at Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) Annual Conference in Montreal, Canada, Naomi Takeuchi was officially accepted as a Professional member of the Toronto Chapter. Known as a “dual member,” I will continue my membership with the National Speakers Association (NSA) and enjoy my membership with CAPS.

4. Our main market position will be “Sustainable Strategic Planning.” After attending the Montreal CAPS conference, one issue became clear, we needed to refocus our business that made it easy for our customers and prospective clients to understand our value proposition.  As such, instead of “Strategic Planning, Business Development and Financial Analysis,” we have now focused our business brand on “Sustainable Strategic Planning.”  This new focus allows us to strengthen our service offerings and at the same time broaden our range in order to support a wider variety of customers.  As such, with “Sustainable Strategic Planning” as our focus, we’ve secured the domain which now points to our website.

5. We now have a fully integrated website! The old version had customers moving away from the main site when reviewing videos and blog entries. We’re pleased to announce the new format which is fully integrated now. Our new format keeps a consistent format that keeps our 1000 Cranes brand and new positioning statement of “Sustainable Strategic Planning” prominent on every page.   This was also our first foray into using an International group, Sweans Technology in India, to perform the programming efforts to support our new vision of the website.

6. Lastly, you’ll find is that our blog has moved from Typepad to WordPress. As such, you may need to resubscribe to the new feed from our new website. We’ll plan to post this entry on both our old Typepad blog as well as the new WordPress blog and the Typepad account will expire at the end of the month.    Moving to WordPress allows us greater flexibility and as previously noted, it is now fully integrated into our website!

We think you’ll like some of the new changes.  We’re always open to new suggestions…feel free to contact us anytime!