1000 Cranes celebrates its five year anniversary at the end of this month, and many of you know that the start of 1000 Cranes came after Duke University approached Naomi Takeuchi to begin teaching for its Duke Certificate Program in Nonprofit Management.  

That humble beginning in June 2002 led to the creation of 1000 Cranes, LLC in September of 2003.   It's only fitting that five years later, the course material developed to help both nonprofits and corporations become more effective has come to fruition into publicly available courses. 

Based on popular demand for our interactive teaching style and for the gift of making difficult subjects approachable, 1000 Cranes and its partner consultants are launching four courses in five markets in the mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions.   The courses include the following:

  • October 6-7   
    Grant Writing Fundamentals    Atlanta, GA
  • October 9-10   
    Grant Writing Fundamentals    Raleigh, NC
  • November 13-14   
    Strategic Planning    Charlotte, NC
  • November 17-18   
    Social Enterprise Endeavors     Washington, DC
  • November 20-21   
    Advanced Grant Writing    Washington, DC

In an effort to assist nonprofits and social enterprises, the 1000 Cranes teaching philosophy will follow several tenets whenever possible:

1) Help nonprofits.  In the case of our first launch in Atlanta, GA on October 6-7, our work will benefit the Walk in Power Ministries in Atlanta.   This arrangement came about after Christopher Broughton (one of the ministers) approached 1000 Cranes about helping the ministry in
Atlanta.  Since 1000 Cranes does not have an office in the area, this
launch of classes proves to be a mutually beneficially arrangement.   Walk in Power Ministries has been instrumental in helping us secure a location for our first  launch in beautiful Buckhead region, and a portion of the room rental charge that would normally go to a corporation will go to the nonprofit.  We will also provide a full day of consulting services pro-bono after the class is completed! 

2) Use social enterprise resources.  For our first launch of classes, we are checking with social enterprise vendors who provide photocopy services.  Binders and customer materials can be produced by these social enterprise vendors providing them an income stream from our events. 

3) Follow green practices.  Our courses include a continental breakfast and lunch, we will ask our catering vendors to look for green options such as using water pitchers instead of water bottles for our events.   If salads, for example, can be made from locally grown produce, we will also check into those options.

For more information about our courses, please see our website at www.1000cranes.com/classes.php

When you attend a training course, do you ask if the trainer has a set of tenets they follow?   If so, what are they? 

When you attend a class, does it support social enterprises and/or green vendors?  

What do you value in training classes?  The networking?  The instructor-led methodology?  The opportunity to get away from the office?  All of the above?