Today, I had an opportunity to lead a strategic planning session for the NC Black Elected Municipal Officials (NCBEMO) meeting in Spring Lake, NC. 

It’s wonderful to see the energy and commitment that comes when people come together to focus on a consolidated idea and move toward it.

They are still in the preliminary stages, and we anticipate more great work will come of this in the months to come. 

What really impressed me about this client is at the end of my presentation, they gave me a framed appreciation certificate for my time and participation in their conference.   It was such a thoughtful gesture 1000 Cranes has been very blessed in having some of the best customers.  Sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference in feeling appreciated for what you do. 

I often tell my friends and colleagues that my consulting engagements often take me to places and provide experiences that stretch my mind and soul.  It is truly a blessing that me and 1000 Cranes’ partner consultants enjoy. 

What do you do to appreciate the people who help you?

How do you find the joy in the work that you do in helping people?

What do you do to seek the best in you and others?