New Season

Kathy Crowley and I have started our BlogTalkRadio shows this year for 1000 Cranes – Believe. Plan. Fly. Radio , and it’s been great to see how well people have received our episodes!!!

Our first three topics were regarding 1) Change, 2) Managing Stress and Travel, and 3) Keeping Accountable.

In fact, because of the broadcast, we created a virtual Lean In Circle and already have members representing North Carolina, Texas, England, India and New Zealand!

As we discussed with Greg Gazin of, accountability groups, such as Mastermind groups, LeanIn Circles, book clubs or other informal gatherings, provide entrepreneurs and other goal oriented people an opportunity to quantify and reach their respective goals in a supportive environment.   On the show we talked about Mastermind Groups and Lean In Circles specifically as ways people can help each other with goal setting, accountability and personal growth.


A couple of articles piqued my interest as I started delving into the topic of accountability some more.  In some cases, an individual coach may be the way to go, but if you’re on a budget, finding a group of like minded individuals willing to meet on a regular basis can be the start of continuous learning and improvement!

Here are two articles that may help you think about whether accountability groups are good for you.


This first article focuses on how accountability groups can especially be helpful for entrepreneurs to have a sounding board especially in a world where they may be the only resource for the company:


This Fast Company article talks about practical tips when creating an accountability group.  The idea of culture of trust and camaraderie is important especially when creating a group that will meet on a regular basis.


We love the idea of Lean In Groups so much, that the show inspired us to create a Lean In Circle for the first time. It is so exciting as we get ready to kick off our first meetings next week! If you are interested in participating, please visit us here at and request to join the circle!   The first meetings will take place on Sunday, June 28th at 8:00am ET and/or Thursday, July 2nd at 2:00pm ET.

Communication Powerhouse Tip of the Week:  Find People You Trust and Be Accountable.  

Whether you are meeting with just one person or a group of people, it’s important to build a level of trust where you can share what is one your mind in a supportive environment.  That being said, it’s critical that we all remember, that you can’t always sugar-coat things, but let people know when “the baby is ugly” in a empathetic way.

  • Who do you have an accountability partner or group to help you?
  • Why do you think goals are harder to achieve on your own?
  • What methods have worked for you to keep accountable.


How About You?  

Would joining a Lean In Group or Mastermind be beneficial to you and your business? I look forward to your thoughts below contact Naomi here.