Blue_gift I recently completed an online survey for a hotel property regarding a recent stay in Virginia.  I have been generally pretty happy staying at this property line, so I was very disappointed when I woke up that morning to find that the hot water wasn’t working at the hotel.   There’s nothing worse in my opinion that having to deal with a cold shower before getting ready for an important meeting or speaking engagement.

Pressing On. Needless to say, I had to grin and bear it, and I must admit it was a terrible start to the day.   I think I’m paying the price by fighting a cold from the stress of the situation.  I had thought that the next time I was in that area, I would likely consider another place to stay, so when the survey came through, I thought it was time to provide some honest feedback.

Survey Results.  I didn’t think much after submitting the survey, so much to my surprise, I received an immediate response providing me 10,000 points to my account!  It was a nice and unexpected gesture, and it did make me feel appreciated that they thought to reward me for providing honest feedback.

Loyal Customers.  With this economy, it’s important to remember to appreciate your loyal customers, and when an event takes place to cause your customer to question your service, consider what kind of reward you can provide to keep your customer happy.

  • What rewards have you received from companies that have been memorable? 
  • How do you respond to customers when they are unhappy? 
  • When you receive a gift like this, does this make you a more loyal company and why? 


How About You?  In what ways are you appreciating your customers and clients?  Feel free to comment below or contact Naomi here.