Calc.glasses A fellow Toastmasters friend of mine, Eric Branche, once said, "When you're prepared, you don't have to spend time getting prepared."   He said this in response to a question regarding his hobby of billiards.  He said this phrase because he always wants to be prepared to play billiards at any time.  He always keeps his own cue stick in his car so that he can play at a moment's notice.  

This week, that phrase came in handy for 1000 Cranes as we are working to secure our first government account.  After a consultation with the NC Institute of Minority Economic Development in May 2009, I started the process of registering 1000 Cranes into the Central Contractors Registration (CCR) database.  In order to do business with any government agency, a vendor is required to get a Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number and then register within the CCR database.    I've had the DUNS number for a number of years, but 1000 Cranes had not yet been entered into CCR. 

After completing this in late May 2009, it didn't appear that we would have an opportunity to secure work with the Federal Government.  We had the faith and vision that one day we would have an opportunity to get into this market.  I'm happy to report that one year and three months later, it appears that the preparation will pay off!  A prospective client called on Thursday asking for help with Strategic Planning, and asked if we have done work with the Federal Government.  Although, this will be our first government engagement, because 1000 Cranes was already listed in the CCR database, we now have an opportunity to work with this account!  It pays to be prepared! 

Have you taken all the necessary steps to prepare you or your organization for future opportunities? 

What goals have you set for your organization and what needs to be done for you to complete them? 

Who do you need to consult to understand processes that may be required for you to enter into a new market?