I just got back yesterday evening after exhibiting at the US Patent and Trademark Expo in Alexandria, VA.  It’s encouraging to have received an email reminding me that today is Blog Action Day.  Sometimes it just takes a little push to get back into things with the blog…my apologies for being away for several months.   Stay tuned for a longer blog post about my trip…for now, just a quick post about Blog Action Day.

Today’s Blog Action Day topic is Food.

I am a huge fan of Morgan Spurlock, and I had the opportunity to meet him in person while I was at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.  As a documentary film maker, he made huge inroads regarding food with his movie, “Super Size Me.”  For 30 days, he ate breakfast, lunch and dinner at McDonald’s.  Whenever anyone at McDonald’s asked him if he would like to “Super Size It,” he had to say “Yes.”  Throughout the film, you see him get larger and larger and by the end he was 24 pounds heavier.  There is a particular scene where his doctor tells him specifically to stop this diet as his health is deteriorating.  More details can be found of his particularly journey on Wikipedia.

What is inspiring about this film is how it raised the awareness of our fast food industry and how ingrained McDonald’s and other fast food chains are to our lives.  There were several moments while I was driving when I thought about whether I should stop at a fast food chain, and fortunately, I had the where with all to wait until I got to my Residence Inn room so I could cook for myself when I got to Alexandria, VA.  It was worth the wait to shop at the local Whole Foods and cook a healthy meal!  It takes work to plan and eat healthfully, but it is worth it in the end.

If you haven’t watched Spurlock’s film, be sure to rent it…it will change your mind about fast food.  Also, take the time to watch the extras.  The experiment with french fries is especially illuminating.

So some questions to ask yourself are:

“What does food meam to me?”

“What choices am I making when it comes to food?”

“Do I intentionally think about what I eat and what it does to my body?”