1000 Cranes Boards - Naomi TakeuchiPreparation.  For many of you who are following this blog, you likely know that we have been preparing the company for the last six months for the Licensing Expo which is taking place next week at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas!

In reflection we have accomplished a great deal as we transition into providing services and products to the children’s market.

      • We created cartoon characters based upon the 1000 Cranes logo.  These characters are a vehicle to bridge our services between more mature audiences and the children’s market.
      • We hired a new legal team to advise us on the correct categories for us to register our new cartoon characters.
      • We created a line of origami paper products that can be sold or used as giveaways to further promote the brand.  These paper products use the cartoon characters as a way to gain market share in the minds of the consumer.
      • We joined GS1 US and registered the company with our own barcode prefix.  The origami paper packs will be our first items that have barcodes!


We hired Zig Zibit to help us design a backdrop display and countertop that can be used at this tradeshow and others in the future.  We also have designed customized Converse shoes and polo shirts that we will be wearing at the tradeshow.  We are very pleased with the results!

Excitement.  It’s been a lot of work pulling all of this together in the last six months, and we anticipate we’ll make some amazing contacts at the show next week.  We are honored to participate in the event with such great companies.  We are eager to connect with future prospects in the weeks to come!

The anticipation in getting ready for this show has us very excited, and similarly when you build anticipation into your messages, your audience will be excited as well!

Thank you everyone for your support as we continue on this journey!

1000 Cranes, LLC  Naomi TakeuchiCommunication Powerhouse Tip of the Week:  Build Anticipation for your Winning Message.  Whether you are getting ready for a big event like we are or telling a story about a hero on his or her journey.

The audience and people like to have that tension build as they anticipate what will happen next.  People want to hear the winning message and be inspired  Whether its through your actions or your words, others are on the journey with you, and they want to feel inspired by the end result.

Just as you would anticipate a big event taking place in your life whether that is a graduation, a new job, a new relationship, home or addition to your family, people like to be inspired.  Invite them on your journey and allow them to see the results.    When you build anticipation, you build a following.

How About You?  Are you building anticipation for a future release for your business? If so, what did you learn?  I look forward to your comments below or contact Naomi here.