Christopher Gergen of Bull City Forward

Yesterday evening, I attended the one year anniversary celebration of Bull City Forward, a non-profit in Durham that was created to foster the development of social enterprises.   Many leaders in the Durham social enterprise scene were there including Social Enterprise Network of the Triangle members, Jeff Stern from TROSA, Ann Woodward from the Scrap Exchange, Chris Carmody from Green Plus, and Matt Nash from the Center for the Advancement of Social Enterprise at Duke.   I had a chance to quickly chat with Bull City Forward  Executive Director, Christopher Gergen, and his enthusiasm and passion are clearly a force with the organization. He has a vision to see North Carolina as a hub of social enterprise activity throughout the State, and he’s already working with Charlotte to begin the Queen City Forward organization.  I have no doubt he’ll be working to build a statewide organization in the years to come.

He unveiled a poster at the event which revealed his sustainable strategic plan from the inception through 2012, so essentially it was a three year sustainable strategic plan in one page!  I told him I was planning to share that concept with my students at an upcoming Duke class especially since many students are intimidated by the idea of a sustainable strategic plan being 20-30 pages in length.   I enjoy networking with these socially minded entrepreneurs and working toward integrating their innovative ideas into the 1000 Cranes’ practices.

Stay tuned for more innovations to come!

What innovative ways do you look at creating social entrepreneurship in your community?

Have you considered distilling down your sustainable strategic plan into one page?

How do you share your vision with others and how do you celebrate your success?