Remember back on June 27th when I posted a blog regarding my frustration about getting a price for webinar services from a BIG NAME company?  Well, the "customer services" representative, still can’t give me a price two plus weeks later!   

Even after leaving detailed instructions in the chat session with the representative "Margaret" where she said a representative would get back to me, "Ben" claims he called me on July 1st (four days later), though he never left a message. 

He did reach out with a quick email on July 10th…14 days later!  "Can we talk later today or sometime this week? Please advise."   Sounds like his queue was getting too long, and he needed to close out some open tickets. 

Would have been nice to get a "Margaret sent me your chat information, and I’d like to talk with you about X services.  You mention that you are interested in doing some webinars, and our pricing is ____ for these services.  I can go through some more options if you have additional questions."   


It shouldn’t take two weeks to get a price from you  especially if you ask us to go through this discussion on a chat session with "Margaret".  Even if you didn’t get the original chat session from Margaret, I sent the chat session to you, so what more information would you have needed?  At least ask me that in your email! 

Okay, so I send Ben a message back asking since it’s taken so long, would he be willing to comp *something* to the nonprofit.  I know he works for BIG COMPANY that has programs such as this.  I even gave him some contact names at BIG COMPANY since I had worked there at one time.  Well, he clearly wasn’t happy with that.  Here’s his response:

"I agree that it is unfortunate that I am not allowed to waive fees or
policies solely at my discretion, although revenues for the company
would decline, I would be able to attain and develop a much larger
client base. I have in the past worked with non profit organizations to
get reductions in pricing, but have yet to see one sponsored. I
apologize that this is outside of my scope of both my duties and power.
I am not sure exactly what business value I would propose to my manager
to "have this case closed", considering services rendered would be free
of charge. The idea of trying to "win the business", seems quite
difficult, since the manner and criteria based on this, is us giving you
an account for free. I apologize for not being to accomadate you in this
account. I will forward this email string up to marketing, and try to
find the correct person to assist you in the future."

Clearly he doesn’t get the point.  Isn’t your job to give pricing???  Which is what I had originally asked for in the first place?  The only reason for asking for a comp is because it took so long for you to get back to us.  I even gave you names of people you could contact, but I guess the queue is getting too long, so no time for that.   

Needless to say, we’ll see if this goes anywhere…looks like Ben will be forwarding this to yet another person in "marketing", so we’ll see how the next person handles this.  Honestly, I doubt I’ll get a price.  Maybe someone at BIG COMPANY will actually read the original chat session log, my two blog postings and come up with pricing.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  🙂

How are you providing pricing to your customers and how long does it take for you to respond to them?  Are there items you can post on the web to help them make decisions?   

Do you have multiple layers of customer service reps that you’re actually pushing your customer farther away from you as in this scenario?  What could Margaret or Ben have done to make this situation better? 

How long do you think is a reasonable amount of time to respond to a customer query on pricing?