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January 2011

Focusing on Social Impact this Happy New Year!

2017-01-17T17:22:46-05:00January 1st, 2011|1000 Cranes News|

Fireworks Happy New Year and Happy New Decade! 

I'm happy to report that the migration of our Durham office operations with our Washington, DC site is complete and all US operations will be based from the DC office at 1425 K Street, NW, Suite 350.  The Toronto office will continue to serve as the base of operations in Canada at 1 Dundas Street West, Suite 2500.  

My recent trip to Montreal for the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) Convention was inspiring, and I had the pleasure of meeting some great future colleagues and some amazing speakers.  I was so impressed with the organization that I have decided to join as a dual member of both CAPS and the National Speakers Association (NSA).  

In an effort to better serve our customers, 1000 Cranes will be providing a more focused effort in our business practices in the helping our customers who are looking at social enterprise, […]

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September 2010

Appreciating Your Customers

2017-01-17T17:22:46-05:00September 8th, 2010|1000 Cranes News, 5. Helping Others|

Blue_gift I recently completed an online survey for a hotel property regarding a recent stay in Virginia.  I have been generally pretty happy staying at this property line, so I was very disappointed when I woke up that morning to find that the hot water wasn’t working at the hotel.   There’s nothing worse in my opinion that having to deal with a cold shower before getting ready for an important meeting or speaking engagement.

Pressing On. Needless to say, I had to grin and bear it, and I must admit it was a terrible start to the day.   I think I’m paying the price by fighting a cold from the stress of the situation.  I had thought that the next time I was in that area, I would likely consider another place to stay, so when the survey came through, I thought it was time to provide some honest feedback.

Survey Results.  I didn’t think much after submitting the […]

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August 2010

Naomi Takeuchi to be a Prudential Featured Panelist

2017-01-17T17:22:47-05:00August 30th, 2010|1000 Cranes News|

I just got word today that I have been chosen to serve as a panelist to speak at Prudential's Multi-Cultural Marketing Symposium in Newark, NJ on September 21, 2010.  This is a wonderful opportunity to meet and network with many multi-cultural leaders within Prudential's network.

One thing I've learned in business is that relationships take time to build and can last for decades if not a lifetime.  This event was several years in the works, and I am thankful for the networking opportunities I gained through my leadership role in the National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP).  This is where I had an opportunity to showcase my speaking skills.  Through that organization, a Prudential executive reached out to me to consider this opportunity. 

As a member of the National Speakers Association, I had an opportunity to chair a panel at the Denver 2007 Winter Workshop for the Diversity Professional Expert Group […]

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Standards and Accountability Course on Sept. 1-2, 2010 in Norfolk, VA

2017-01-17T17:22:48-05:00August 21st, 2010|1000 Cranes News|

WCCA8 Naomi Takeuchi will be a featured presenter on September 1-2, 2010 in Norfolk, VA at the Tidewater Community College campus at 300 Granby Street.  The course is offered by the TCC Academy for Nonprofit Excellence and is the continuation of a nonprofit ethics class she taught in the Spring.  The class is entitled "Standards and Accountability:  Maintaining the Public Trust Part II" and space is still available.  

Designed to support board members and staff leaders as they strive to
meet high standards of ethical conduct, accountability, and
transparency, the standards and accountability course series explores
tools and resources to evaluate and improve business practices to bring
them in line with commonly accepted accountability standards.  Part II
will cover planning, governance, public policy & advocacy,
strategic alliances, evaluation, and accounting principles. Attendance
at part I is not a prerequisite for part II.

Registration is available at:  http://www.tcc.edu/wd/academy/ShoppingCartregistration.htm 

If registering online, in the search field, type in "Takeuchi" in […]

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Shaping Lives…It's Toastmasters, Baby!

2017-01-17T17:22:50-05:00August 7th, 2010|1000 Cranes News|

Toastmasters.color As you may know, I've started blogging again after a long hiatus.  I must thank my National Speakers Association (NSA) Blogger friends for their encouragement and support after attending the NSA Conference in Orlando a few weeks ago. 

One reason for my departure from blogging was the time I spent on my campaign for a Toastmasters International office in the State of North Carolina.  Between November 2009 and May 2010, I had been focusing much of my efforts on running for the Lieutenant Governor Marketing role for District 37.   It was an educational experience, and I am grateful that I had great advisors and supporters all along the way.  I learned how to craft a campaign and create a team of senior advisors.  I learned how to pull together a portable tradeshow display that I could bring with me to events throughout the State that included brochures and giveaways.   I found myself in Wilmington, Charlotte, […]

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May 2009

Naomi Takeuchi Becomes National University Adjunct Professor

2009-05-11T22:20:47-04:00May 11th, 2009|1000 Cranes News|

National_univ_logo For Immediate Release
May 11, 2009

Naomi Takeuchi Becomes National University Adjunct Professor

National University's School of Media and Communications has hired Naomi Takeuchi as one of its newest adjunct professors.  After completing training in its online system, Ms. Takeuchi will lend her wealth of experience in strategic communications and marketing to students enrolled in the program. 

National University is the second-largest, private, nonprofit
institution of higher learning in California. Founded in 1971, National
University consists of five schools and one college, including the
Schools of Business and Management; Education; Engineering and
Technology; Health and Human Services; and Media and Communication; and
the College of Letters and Sciences.

National University offers 100 undergraduate and graduate degrees, as
well as 22 teacher credential and certificate programs. A leader in
online education, National University offers more than 50 graduate and
undergraduate degree programs and over 1,200 courses online.

National University's administrative and academic headquarters are located in La Jolla, California.

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