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May 2008

1000 Cranes Wins Contract with Success Measures!

2017-01-17T17:23:30-05:00May 1st, 2008|1000 Cranes News|

I’m pleased to announce that 1000 Cranes has entered into an agreement as an authorized consultant with Success Measures, a program of NeighborWorks America

1000 Cranes has several clients providing support to Community Economic Development (CED) communities in North and South Carolina who use the Success Measures Data System (SMDS)  for their program measurement efforts.  This relationship with Success Measures/NeighborWorks positions 1000 Cranes as a leader in the CED field in outcomes measurements.

With more funders looking for results-driven measurements, it’s anticipated this area will continue to grow for 1000 Cranes. 

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April 2008

1000 Cranes Wins El Centro Latino Contract!

2017-01-17T17:23:32-05:00April 17th, 2008|1000 Cranes News|

I’m pleased to announce that 1000 Cranes will be providing support services to El Centro Latino of Carrboro, NC. 

This marks our first agreement with an organization in support of the Hispanic community! 

1000 Cranes will provide facilitation, training and coaching services and will deliver our content in Spanish through an arrangement with one of our Spanish-speaking partner consultants!   

Stay tuned for more updates as 1000 Cranes begins to deliver services to support in other languages as well.  With our recent opening of a Toronto branch, we anticipate translating our materials into French, too, as the need arises.    

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1000 Cranes Opens Toronto Presence!

2017-01-17T17:23:33-05:00April 1st, 2008|1000 Cranes News|

I’m pleased to report that 1000 Cranes has entered into a three year agreement with Regus/HQ systems for a presence in Toronto, Ontario which begins today, no foolin’! 

After recently registering the company with the Ontario Province as a Non-Provincial LLC at the end of February, it made sense to begin looking for a location where we could conduct meetings and recruit local talent to help on a contract basis. 

The new address is located at 1 Dundas Street West, Suite 2500, Toronto, ON  M5G 1Z3. 

It’s located right next to the Eaton Centre with easy access from the TTC Subway stations at Dundas or Queen Street on the Yonge Line. 

We find this to be a strategic move for 1000 Cranes to efectively deliver services in the Canadian market.   This, in addition to our recent addition of the Washington, DC address, positions 1000 Cranes to be a serious contender for future contracts and engagements.  […]

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March 2008

1000 Cranes Opens Presence in Washington, DC

2017-01-17T17:23:44-05:00March 14th, 2008|1000 Cranes News|

Today, I’m pleased to announce that 1000 Cranes has opened a presence in the heart of Washington, DC through it’s partnership with Regus Office Suites. 

In order to better support the growing number of customers and partners in the DC region, we now can meet customers at our new location on an as-needed basis at 1200 G Street, NW, Suite 800 convenient to the Metro Center stop.   

We see these steps in supporting the growth of 1000 Cranes during its fifth year of business.   We’ve also launched a toll-free number to support customers calling anywhere in the US or Canada. 

For more information, feel free to call us at +1-877-378-4430, and thank you for your continued support! 

1000 Cranes® Business Consulting
1000 Cranes®, LLC
1200 G Street, NW, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20005-3272
+1-877-378-4430 (Toll-free USA/Canada)
+1-202-434-8707 (FAX)

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February 2008

Video Can Make a Difference in Winning Business

2017-01-17T17:23:46-05:00February 28th, 2008|1000 Cranes News|

I received an email inquiry from a potential client in Louisiana as she met me at the Alliance for Nonprofit Management Conference in Atlanta last year. 

When I spoke with her on the phone today, she was thrilled to see some of my videos on YouTube, and she said she appreciated that I put them there as it was much easier for her to tell people to go to my YouTube account to see me in action than to try to describe my personality and facilitation style. 

Here’s an example of a video interview with Anne Taylor of the Environmental Education Fund:

I mentioned to her that I know of another speaker that does video intros for new customers as a prelude to the upcoming event, and that I may decide to do that when I’ve secured a speaking engagements.  She thought it was a great idea to better personalize the event, so stay tuned folks as that may be the beginning of a […]

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1000 Cranes Registers in Ontario, Canada

2017-01-17T17:23:46-05:00February 22nd, 2008|1000 Cranes News|

Today, I’ve been in Toronto, and I went to the Ministry of Government Services on University Avenue to register 1000 Cranes as an extra-provincial limited liability company.   So officially, today, 1000 Cranes has gone international! 

With Toronto as the 5th largest city in North America, and an interest in expanding into this region, it made sense to register the company for anticipated growth in the future.

As many of you know, 1000 Cranes has invested quite a bit in the branding of its name in the United States with registered trademarks through the US Patent and Trademark Office.   

Fortunately, the 1000 Cranes name has not been used in Ontario, and we have claimed the name.  Now that we’re registered here, we can start looking at plans to move this company forward in providing business consulting services in this market. 

We’re in discussions with Regus centers here locally, and we anticipate we may be […]

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