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May 2011

What Did Osama Bin Laden do for Sustainable Strategic Planning?

2017-01-17T17:22:44-05:00May 3rd, 2011|2. Planning and Execution, 3. Embracing Change, 5. Helping Others, Uncategorized|

The death of Osama Bin Laden this week illuminated to the world the tenacity of the United States in its relentless pursuit of the mastermind of the September 11th attacks. It’s been ten years in the making since the tragedy of the twin towers, the Pentagon and Flight 93, and it’s still resonates within the minds of many Americans. The dreadful acts on that day forever changed the minds of United States citizens and for many around the world. It was a wake-up call for many of us. We have since endured security changes that make us long for the olden days where we could actually greet our loved ones at the airport arrival gate.

One of the key things that changed was our view of crisis management and travel in the workplace at at home.  We now analyze data more thoroughly and look for solutions to keep the organization thriving.  Sustainable strategic planning became a necessity as we […]

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April 2011

Sustainable Wedding Options

2017-01-17T17:22:44-05:00April 29th, 2011|3. Embracing Change, 5. Helping Others, Uncategorized|

With over two billion people watching around the world, the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton became big news. With all the doom and gloom and bad news that we’ve seen with tornadoes, tsunamis and tragedies, it’s nice to see an optimistic event take the center stage.

What impressed me the most about the couple was their decision to create a charitable fund where people can direct donations to twenty six charities in lieu of wedding gifts.  The donations are separated into five categories which are:

– Changing Lives Through Arts and Sport;
– Children Fulfilling Their Potential;
– Help and Care at Home;
– Support for Service Personnel and Their Families and
– Conservation for Future Generations

The charities cover a wide range of areas.  And this was a perfect gesture for a couple who embraces the philosophy of sustainability.  When a couple like this clearly has financial stability, giving back to general social and environmental returns is a perfect way to celebrate […]

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Happy Earth Day: Simple Steps toward Environmental Sustainability

2017-01-17T17:22:45-05:00April 22nd, 2011|3. Embracing Change, 5. Helping Others, Uncategorized|

Happy Earth Day!  Since it’s humble beginning over 20 years ago, people are now taking the time to consider how their daily actions affect our planet.  More and more organizations are looking at simple steps to become environmentally sustainable.  Some have scheduled special events during this week to encourage employees to consider their actions carefully and work toward building practices that help the environment.  Consider the following simple steps to incorporate into your office practice:

1) Provide your staff with two containers for every workspace. One for trash and one for recycling. If you want to take it a step further, provide multiple bins so that employees can separate recycled items based on type.
2) Review your policies that require paper and look at ways to convert these to online practices. For example, do you use paper purchase orders and paper invoices when working with vendors and clients? Is there a way to implement a system to use PDF forms as a way […]

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August 2010

Changing One Thing

2017-01-17T17:22:48-05:00August 25th, 2010|3. Embracing Change|

MINI1 I recently bought a bookshelf from a friend who was moving back to Canada, and it helped me to clean out the garage quite a bit. I was able to organize the various home improvement supplies, old books, and recreational equipment that had been placed in a haphazard way.  Once that had been cleaned up, I wondered to myself, "why don't I start backing my car into the garage so that I can immediately drive out of the garage?"  

I slowly eased the car back into the garage that day and have been parking this way for the last few days.  I immediately noticed the benefits!  I am now able to open my car door easier since my side view mirror is not immediately across from my boyfriend's car in the garage.  If I'm in a hurry, it's easier to drive right out of the garage without worrying about backing out of my long driveway.  […]

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Embracing the Smell Phone

2017-01-17T17:22:49-05:00August 18th, 2010|3. Embracing Change|

Cell phones are now the ultimate multi-tasking tool.  You can read books, play games, surf the Internet, tweet your status and use it as a GPS.   Now, the Department of Homeland Security wants to incorporate a smelling module to provide an alert system for a chemical attack. 

It reminds me of an old episode of SCTV of "Monster Chiller Horror Theatre" where Count Floyd introduced Smell-O-Rama where you could smell what was taking place on the screen. With this technology, if it can detect certain smells, it doesn't sound too far off from a cell phone being able to project certain smells. Who knows…it could be a reality in the not too distant future. 

Upon first blush, the idea of a cell phone that detect smells for you seems a bit bizarre.  When it comes to the idea of embracing change, though, I can start to see the benefits of […]

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Embracing the move to online media

2017-01-17T17:22:50-05:00August 4th, 2010|3. Embracing Change|

In the latest announcement today that Barnes and Noble is up for sale, it appears that electronic books and media are here to stay.  B&N Is yet another business affected by the change in technology.  With all its brick and mortar stores, this Reuters clip compares the bookstore chain's announcement to similar events that happened to Blockbuster video.  With more and more people moving to eBook readers such as the Kindle and the Nook, there is less demand for printed media.  With online books, there are lower margins making it difficult for the bookstore chain to continue with its current business model. 

Given this technology change and the prevalence of blogs and now "blooks" (blogs that have been converted to books), fiction and nonfiction traditional print books will be harder to find.  In fact, Robert Cyran in this videoclip mentions that perhaps this will be a breakthrough and bright side for […]

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