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December 2014

Lose Yourself to Discover Your Authentic Self

2017-01-17T17:22:25-04:00December 2nd, 2014|Communication Powerhouse|

boi_headerNew Beginnings.  I recently returned from a trip to Australia and New Zealand which I had originally planned as a well needed vacation.  I was fortunate that my trip coincided with the District 72 Toastmasters International Convention in Paihia, New Zealand in an area known as the Bay of Islands. I was especially drawn to this Convention since the theme was “The Path Forward” or in Maori “Te Ara Whakamua.” I also liked the mascot of the event which was the kotuku or white heron which is a rare bird with auspicious connections.  Here’s an excerpt from

[White Heron bird – Kotuku  Kotuku is the Maori word for the rare White Heron bird. It is a symbol of prestige, purity, and uniqueness. One of the greatest compliments among the Maori was to liken someone to Kotuku for its signifies everything rare and beautiful. Sometimes referred to as a darling or treasure. The kotuku is one of New Zealand’s rarest birds and is held […]

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September 2014

Standing In Your Space – Keeping Your Integrity

2017-01-17T17:22:25-04:00September 16th, 2014|Communication Powerhouse|

Stand in Your Space Naomi Takeuchi Leadership DevelopmentStand In Your Space.  I received a nice compliment Tuesday morning from a Toastmasters International friend in Raleigh.  Dan Scala told me that “I stand in my space when I walk in a room and that my presence makes a difference.” Essentially what he meant was, “I talk the talk and I walk the walk and people notice.”

We are getting ready to charter a new advanced club in the area, and his colleague also mentioned that whenever they needed help, I was there and how much he appreciated that.   I arrived at their Toastmasters meeting Tuesday morning a little after 7:30am, which for me as a nightowl is a commitment and somewhat of a sacrifice!

Deliver on Promises.  One thing I’ve learned in my years as a consultant is that it is always better to know what you promise and deliver on those promises.  It’s one thing to say you support someone, it’s another to actually make a concerted effort […]

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August 2014

Choose Wise Partnerships

2017-01-17T17:22:26-04:00August 12th, 2014|Communication Powerhouse|

Choose Business Partnerships WiselyOne of the things I often tell people is that as an entrepreneur, one has many decisions to make.

Difficult Decisions.  An important decisions is whether to keep or end key relationships with your business.  Sometimes the hardest bonds to break are the partnerships you have grown to rely on over the years that are not serving the company in the best way.  Even though loyalty is important and vital to many ongoing business relationships, when the organization is not being served properly by a dysfunctional organization, it’s time to look elsewhere.

Freedom to Choose.  Thankfully, as an entrepreneur, I have the ability to choose which partnerships will work best for the company and make those tough decisions to move forward.  When the partnerships are not working well, it’s best to regroup, take a hit and look at ways to minimize any negative impact and grow the company in a healthy direction where it can grow and thrive.  Thankfully, the month of August is a slower […]

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Pruning and Thinning to get to the Core

2017-01-17T17:22:26-04:00August 7th, 2014|Communication Powerhouse|

Pruning Naomi Takeuchi 1000 CranesOften when we thinking about growing an organization we think primarily about adding more things.  We think about adding more members, increasing our resources, adding content, and more.  All of these great plans come with the hopes that these additions will make an organization stronger.   We often have the mindset “maybe if someone gets more training, that person will be a better performer“.

Growth in Pruning? However, if we follow a plant analogy, often the best growth comes from pruning branches that are going astray from the core.  Many times simply by thinning out fruit, we are able to make the larger product be more successful and increase.

When I purchased a house for the first time in Pacifica, California, there was a plum tree that had been there for years that the previous owners had neglected.  I noticed the first year I had taken care of the tree, that I needed to remove some branches as they had already started dying.  After clipping […]

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July 2014

Set and Communicate Clear Goals and Deadlines

2017-01-17T17:22:26-04:00July 22nd, 2014|Communication Powerhouse|

1000 Cranes Boards - Naomi TakeuchiGoals and Deadlines.  It’s amazing what a difference setting clear goals and deadlines make for getting a project or other tasks done.  For those who procrastinate and even for those who don’t, setting clear “mile markers” and tangible goals help to keep you on track and make things happen.  When working with clients, we often talk about setting long-term goals (3-5 years), short-term goals (one year) and immediate goals (less than one year), and more importantly clients need to set accountability with those goals.

Road Map.  This became extremely important when 1000 Cranes started preparing for the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas in mid-June.  We originally had on our road map and strategic plan to have cartoon characters ready for an event in October 2014 for the National Trademark Expo in Alexandria, VA.  We knew we needed to start positioning the company to expand into the children’s market, […]

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Loyalty is a Two Way Street

2017-01-17T17:22:26-04:00July 16th, 2014|Communication Powerhouse|

Loyalty is a 2 Way Street Naomi TakeuchiLoyalty and Relationships.  Many people have asked me why is it that 1000 Cranes has been able to continue to grow and thrive for over 10 years?  I always tell them, it’s because we have loyal clients and we are loyal to them.  They call on 1000 Cranes to help them, and they support us continuously when we start innovative new programs.

Potential Conflict.   We also know that if there is another client that may be a potential competitor, we reach out to our current clients first before pursuing any business that could cause conflict.  We show loyalty to our clients just as much as they show loyalty to us.  Having a loyal following and continued business relationship is important for sustaining your business.

11 Year Anniversary.  We are blessed to be celebrating our 11th year soon on September 30th!  Several friends of mine started their consulting practices in 2008 when the recession was officially […]

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