October 2011

Blog Action Day Today!

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I just got back yesterday evening after exhibiting at the US Patent and Trademark Expo in Alexandria, VA.  It’s encouraging to have received an email reminding me that today is Blog Action Day.  Sometimes it just takes a little push to get back into things with the blog…my apologies for being away for several months.   Stay tuned for a longer blog post about my trip…for now, just a quick post about Blog Action Day.

Today’s Blog Action Day topic is Food.

I am a huge fan of Morgan Spurlock, and I had the opportunity to meet him in person while I was at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.  As a documentary film maker, he made huge inroads regarding food with his movie, “Super Size Me.”  For 30 days, he ate breakfast, lunch and dinner at McDonald’s.  Whenever anyone at McDonald’s asked him if he would like to “Super Size It,” he had to say “Yes.”  Throughout the film, you see him get larger […]

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May 2011

Disaster Recovery Plans and Sustainable Strategic Planning

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With the recent tornadoes, tsunamis and other natural disasters wiping out communities in a flash, it reminds us of the need for sustainable strategic planning not only in business but in our personal affairs. According to an article by St. Louis Today, at the St. John’s Regional Medical Center in Joplin, Missouri, emergency procedures were followed which helped save lives. Minutes before the tornado hit, the hospital declared a “Condition Gray” which alerted all personnel to move to the stairwells and other protected areas of the hospital. These procedures had been in place for years prior to the event, and it’s this kind of preparation that helped to save lives and continue with operations once the tornado had passed.

Medical units typically start a triage system whenever there is a disaster which allows emergency personnel to evaluate people quickly and get help for the people who need it the most. In the case of St. John’s, the […]

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Sustainable Strategic Planning Through the BCG Matrix

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One of the things we try to do at 1000 Cranes® is to provide practical resources to customers through our services. I had the pleasure of speaking at the Resource Raleigh Project LIFT Conference at the McKimmon Center on the North Carolina State Campus last Thursday and provided the participants with tools to review their operations.  One of the biggest challenges in business and nonprofits today is knowing when to stop providing services.  As much as we’d like to continue providing as many offerings and services, with limited resources, especially in today’s economy, organizations need to be smarter in making decisions on what they can and cannot do.  In other words, retrench and refocus your efforts so that you are better serving your customers and ultimately better operating as an organization.

You hear so much about acquisitions taking place in the corporate world to expand into markets, but what about tailoring services to better focus your offerings so that you can provide greater value and streamlining and reducing offerings in order to be more effective?

One of […]

What Did Osama Bin Laden do for Sustainable Strategic Planning?

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The death of Osama Bin Laden this week illuminated to the world the tenacity of the United States in its relentless pursuit of the mastermind of the September 11th attacks. It’s been ten years in the making since the tragedy of the twin towers, the Pentagon and Flight 93, and it’s still resonates within the minds of many Americans. The dreadful acts on that day forever changed the minds of United States citizens and for many around the world. It was a wake-up call for many of us. We have since endured security changes that make us long for the olden days where we could actually greet our loved ones at the airport arrival gate.

One of the key things that changed was our view of crisis management and travel in the workplace at at home.  We now analyze data more thoroughly and look for solutions to keep the organization thriving.  Sustainable strategic planning became a necessity as we […]

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April 2011

Bull City Forward Sustainable Strategic Planning Poster!

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Yesterday evening, I attended the one year anniversary celebration of Bull City Forward, a non-profit in Durham that was created to foster the development of social enterprises.   Many leaders in the Durham social enterprise scene were there including Social Enterprise Network of the Triangle members, Jeff Stern from TROSA, Ann Woodward from the Scrap Exchange, Chris Carmody from Green Plus, and Matt Nash from the Center for the Advancement of Social Enterprise at Duke.   I had a chance to quickly chat with Bull City Forward  Executive Director, Christopher Gergen, and his enthusiasm and passion are clearly a force with the organization. He has a vision to see North Carolina as a hub of social enterprise activity throughout the State, and he’s already working with Charlotte to begin the Queen City Forward organization.  I have no doubt he’ll be working to build a statewide organization in the years to come.

He unveiled a poster at the event which revealed his sustainable strategic […]

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Sustainable Wedding Options

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With over two billion people watching around the world, the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton became big news. With all the doom and gloom and bad news that we’ve seen with tornadoes, tsunamis and tragedies, it’s nice to see an optimistic event take the center stage.

What impressed me the most about the couple was their decision to create a charitable fund where people can direct donations to twenty six charities in lieu of wedding gifts.  The donations are separated into five categories which are:

– Changing Lives Through Arts and Sport;
– Children Fulfilling Their Potential;
– Help and Care at Home;
– Support for Service Personnel and Their Families and
– Conservation for Future Generations

The charities cover a wide range of areas.  And this was a perfect gesture for a couple who embraces the philosophy of sustainability.  When a couple like this clearly has financial stability, giving back to general social and environmental returns is a perfect way to celebrate […]

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