Choose Business Partnerships WiselyOne of the things I often tell people is that as an entrepreneur, one has many decisions to make.

Difficult Decisions.  An important decisions is whether to keep or end key relationships with your business.  Sometimes the hardest bonds to break are the partnerships you have grown to rely on over the years that are not serving the company in the best way.  Even though loyalty is important and vital to many ongoing business relationships, when the organization is not being served properly by a dysfunctional organization, it’s time to look elsewhere.

Freedom to Choose.  Thankfully, as an entrepreneur, I have the ability to choose which partnerships will work best for the company and make those tough decisions to move forward.  When the partnerships are not working well, it’s best to regroup, take a hit and look at ways to minimize any negative impact and grow the company in a healthy direction where it can grow and thrive.  Thankfully, the month of August is a slower month in our business cycle, so making this change now will be best so when the month of September comes, we will be in a better position.

Business Relationships are Important.  I am happy to report that we will be returning to our roots and back to Network Solutions as our vendor of choice for our Domain Name Service, Website management and email service!  1000 Cranes has been a loyal customer of Network Solutions since the beginning when we first acquired the domain site of and later in the early days of the company.  Since founding the company in September 2003, much has changed over the last 10, almost 11 years.  We moved away from network solutions to our former service provider initially to save money in the early start-up phase.

It was a necessary economic decision, and regretfully as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.”  The former service provide did not have the means or attention to provide timely WordPress updates and treat our company as a loyal client.  As such, it was an easy decision to move back to our roots and to the company that has been an Internet leader for so many years.   Already, we’ve seen a marked improvement to our WordPress software updates as the code is now at the latest revision which has increased our security on the site.

We have also noticed a marked increase and friendlier customer service.  It is very clear how much this organization appreciates our business, and it is refreshing!

1000 Cranes, LLC  Naomi TakeuchiCommunication Powerhouse Tip of the Week:  Choose Wise Partnerships.  Sometimes money and economic forces should not be the key decision making factor when it comes to partnerships.  As many people have seen with construction projects, when you choose the lowest bidder, sometimes it isn’t the right choice and you build a weaker organization by doing so.  Review your partnerships and look at whether these are helping or hurting your organization and make wise decisions on whether these should be kept, renegotiated or left behind.

  • How do you choose your partnerships?
  • How can you ensure your partnerships are mutually beneficial?
  • What action steps should you take if you identify partnerships that are not serving you well? 

I look forward to your comments below or contact Naomi now.