If you’ve been following this blog, you know that I recently met Russell Simmons at the Book Expo in New York, and I’ve started reading his book, "Do You!  12 Laws to Access the Power in You to Achieve Happiness and Success". 

The book has been a great read so far, and as he mentions in his book (as he did when he spoke at the convention), he discusses what has been repeated in scripture and in other places.   He doesn’t claim it as his own.  It is simply a compilation of the things that have worked for him. 

I’m currently on the Chapter, "Law Number Four:  Stop Frontin’ and Start Today."  Simmons has a whimsical style, and I like how he sprinkles hip-hop language throughout the book.  In previous chapters, for example, he talks about being TRUE to yourself and how he wears the clothing that his company designs under the "Phat Farm" label.  After all…one must BELIEVE in his own product, and wear clothes that are FLY. 

This fourth chapter really struck me as POIGNANT as it talks about following your Dharma or your purpose in life…and to search for your your Dharma through meditation and to get started right away.  Don’t just THINK about it, GET STARTED doing it.  It will get you that much closer. 

I was very IMPRESSED with this chapter as well as the previous one where he talks about really getting to know your inner self through meditation and introspection.  Once you IDENTIFY your inner self or voice or calling or Dharma, LISTEN to it, and START PURSUING it.   Get Started NOW…continue to follow it as it is your higher power calling to you to fulfill your destiny.

Are you FULFILLING your HIGHER CALLING in what you do in your daily work?   

What, if anything, is stopping you from PURSUING this calling or Dharma?

Are you so BUSY completing daily tasks that you haven’t stopped to think about what you should be doing?