No doubt the triple bottom line philosophy of looking at fiscal, social and environmental returns has also affected the web search engine giant, Google. 

Google has launched a foundation where its investments in organizations focuses on measuring all three of these aspects.  In a recent Wall Street Journal video, Larry Brilliant, executive director of shares his philosophy with Stacy Delo. 

According to the website, is providing funds in the following key areas:

Another recent initiative within the Climate Change area is a $22M RFP called RechargeIT where proposals that were  submitted in October are under review currently.   What’s unique about Google’s approach is that this particular initiative is focused on assisting for-profit organizations.  Most foundation organizations affiliated with companies have primarily focused on helping nonprofits.  It’s good to see that investments are also being made with innovative for-profit companies focused in these social and environmental areas. 

Let’s see if the grants and investments show whether he can hold up to his name as "Mr. Brilliant"!

Should foundations be more liberal and fund both nonprofits and for-profit organizations?

With more foundations focused on the triple bottom line, will nonprofits and for-profits need to adapt their missions in order to cater to these organizations and donors?