1000 Cranes Origami Inserts

1000 Cranes Origami Inserts


Year of Change.  In the last five months, we’ve seen tremendous changes in our company.  2014 marks the year that we make a transition into the children’s market.  As you’ve seen in previous posts, this transition did not happen overnight, and started in October 2012 when the seed was first planted at the US Trademark Expo.

This is a task that couldn’t be done alone, and if it wasn’t for the talent of several people involved in the project, our first launch of our origami paper packs could not be where it is today.


Personal Thanks! I personally want to thank the following:

Maddie Winecoff and Naomi Takeuchi

Maddie Winecoff and Naomi Takeuchi

– Maddie Winecoff, our intern from Salem College, for her incredible talent as a designer of the cartoon cranes and the backdrop for our display at the Licensing Expo (Booth U-185, June 17-19 at the Mandalay Bay)

– Dave Baldwin (the digital content guy) and all the people in our mastermind group, who provided feedback in the development of the cranes

– Aaron Tian of Glover Printing who helped ensure our printed inserts were done properly and looked fantastic!

– Gloria Inaba of North American Trading who worked with us in getting the first origami packs from Japan here to our office in North Carolina.

– Sarah Nagae and Robert Wood of Triangle Trademarks who have been ensuring our crane designs get registered properly with the US Patent and Trademark office.

– and last but certainly not least, Angel Lebak, my virtual assistant, who ensures that all of our messages coordinate through social media channels

Amazing Team of Support.  Clearly, it takes a team to create an amazing product and communicate that in a cohesive way.  There is no doubt that there will be more adventures along the way for the cartoon cranes when they make their debut at the Licensing Expo in June.  Although ideas may come from individuals, it’s the team that brings together greatness and communicates a powerful message together.  In this case, the powerful message is the characterization of the cranes themselves as happy, uplifting messengers of good education and advice.  It will be a fun ride!

1000 Cranes, LLC  Naomi TakeuchiCommunication Powerhouse Tip of the Week:  Great Work comes from Great Teams.  Whether you are an individual entrepreneur, a leader of a small business or of a large nonprofit organization, great work comes from great teams.

  • When did you realize that a team brings out the best in everyone?
  • What are you doing to engage teams more actively?
  • How are you reaching out to others to engage their talents and develop a cohesive team?


How About You?  Have you had a positive experience with your team of support? If so, what did you learn?  I look forward to your comments below or contact Naomi here.