IStock_000004070543XSmall I had a wonderful dinner this evening with several women from UNC-Chapel Hill, and at one point in the conversation we were on the topic about book loans. 

It's interesting that sometimes when you loan a book, it seems to vanish or disappear.  For some reason, when it comes to books, people seem to forget who the original owner is or just become lax in returning it. 

Well, one of the ladies has a fool-proof solution…before you loan a book, ask for an item in exchange that is of value to that person.  After all, a book is of value, so instead of it mysteriously disappearing, make sure that you have something of value from the borrower. It's simple and ingenious!   When the book is returned, you return the other item of value! 

What have you done to ensure books are returned to you in a timely manner? 

Are there other items you have borrowed from people that have not returned to your bookshelf? 

Why do you think human nature acts in this way?