Today is the 65th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, and it also marks the first time a US representative attended the ceremony.   In this day and age of stress where people are worried about the economy, it's good to have these ceremonies to remember the days when war caused death and destruction to many innocent lives.  The days of a nuclear-free society may still be a dream, but the days may be closer if we worked toward removal of these devices and work toward a society where we can work together.

Many of you know that 1000 Cranes was named after the practice of
folding 1000 origami cranes as a sign of peace.  This practice was a part of Japanese culture for many generations and was
brought to the attention of the world by a young girl, Sadako Sasaki. Ten years after the bombing of Hiroshima at the young age of 12, she left a legacy to all.  Sadako was affected by the bombing and was dying from leukemia.  In folding the 1000 Cranes, she showed her faith in the human condition and her desire for world peace.   She is an example that shows how a simple act of faith can help others worldwide for many generations. 

What do you do to help others remember how lucky we have it in today's society?

What do you think will be your legacy?

What message do you want to deliver to the world and how would you go about doing that?