200pxhachiko“Patience is the companion of wisdom”. ~ Saint Augustine

In Tokyo, there is a statue commemorating a faithful dog named Hachiko.  He was an Akita who always came to the railroad station to greet his owner at the train station and accompany him on the walk home.

Unfortunately, the owner died at work one day and never returned home.

Hachiko continued to go to the railroad station as his normal custom and wait along the platform for his owner to arrive.  He continued to do this for another 11 years after his owner’s death always waiting to escort his owner home.

EVERY DAY for 11 years, he continued this vigil.

The faithfulness of dogs is inspiring, and it reminds us of the importance of loyalty and faithfulness to customers, partners and prospects.

When building relationships, it’s important to remember this kind of loyalty.  Sometimes a customer, partner or prospect may not respond right away or miss a meeting or not respond quickly.

Loyalty requires TRUST.
Loyalty requires PATIENCE.
Loyalty requires MUTUAL RESPECT.

I’ve found prospects may not become customers for several years.   Staying loyal to the relationship becomes a differentiating factor in this disposable, changeable world.

How loyal are you to your customers, partners and prospects?   Like Hachiko, are you willing to wait 11 years for them?