The cost of building subway transportation and roadways can be exorbitant.  When you look at big city transportation projects such as Boston's Big Dig, you wonder whether the changes have truly provided the return on investment and increased traffic flow that was originally intended. 

Beijing is facing a similar issue with increased traffic in a growing economy.  In this case, it's considering an innovative form of transportation known as "The Elevated Bus." 

It's hard to believe this traffic jam could last nine days (perhaps the announcer meant nine hours).  It's no wonder that Beijing is going to have to consider some new forms of transportation to solve this issue.  What's amazing about this technology is the ability of the bus to warn drivers when they are getting too close to the bus when they are driving underneath.  It also has the ability to warn drivers who may be too tall to drive around the elevated bus to avoid further accidents. 

Necessity is truly the mother of invention, and this new way of looking at transportation could be arriving in other large cities in the future.  Don't be surprised to see an elevated bus near you! 

What changes have you made to your lifestyle because of increased traffic congestion?

Would you consider taking public transportation if it was convenient and easily accessible?

Do you see this elevated bus concept working in your city/town?