The events in Japan have made me think twice about the need for Disaster Planning for the home.  We discuss many times about building disaster plans and risk assessments for businesses and other organizations, but building an individual disaster plan for you and your family is something to consider as well. One of the highlights of the tragedy has been the strength of the people and the willingness of the people to endure such dire circumstances for the greater good. 

I was also touched by this video clip of a dog protecting its companion. 

It made me think twice about what we as humans are willing to do to protect each other.  One addition, I’ll be making to recommendations to Sustainable Strategic Planning is to add a Disaster Recovery plan to add a section about “calmness within the chaos” and also looking at the humanitarian situation to be there for each other. 

Do you have a personal and professional Disaster Recovery Plan?

What would you do if you had to evacuate your home or business in 1/2 hour? 

Where would you go and what would you do?  What is your action plan?