Loyalty is a 2 Way Street Naomi TakeuchiLoyalty and Relationships.  Many people have asked me why is it that 1000 Cranes has been able to continue to grow and thrive for over 10 years?  I always tell them, it’s because we have loyal clients and we are loyal to them.  They call on 1000 Cranes to help them, and they support us continuously when we start innovative new programs.

Potential Conflict.   We also know that if there is another client that may be a potential competitor, we reach out to our current clients first before pursuing any business that could cause conflict.  We show loyalty to our clients just as much as they show loyalty to us.  Having a loyal following and continued business relationship is important for sustaining your business.

11 Year Anniversary.  We are blessed to be celebrating our 11th year soon on September 30th!  Several friends of mine started their consulting practices in 2008 when the recession was officially announced by the government.  Many of them were unable to survive because they had not built those long term relationships.  In those dark years, we had six projects that all dried up because customers needed to tighten their belts and reduce outside funding.  I am very grateful that today, we are still continuing our important work and also venturing into new projects.  No doubt, we would not have survived if it wasn’t for our loyal clients and continued growth.

Appreciation.  Never take customers, customer loyalty or customer relationships for granted.  One thing that is so important in life and especially with clients is to continuously show respect to each other and value your customers.  Take the time to value your client’s patronage and truly work to understand their specific needs.

1000 Cranes, LLC  Naomi TakeuchiCommunication Powerhouse Tip of the Week:   Loyalty is a Two Way Street.  When you begin negotiations with a client, always remember the fourth principle of the 1000 Cranes Philosophy which is “Success Comes from Collaborative Relationships.”

Collaboration means that there is give and take.   Take the time to understand what the needs are of your clients and how you can best serve them with your skill set.   Make the effort to know what is important to them, and as you start working with them, loyalty is built from that long term collaboration.

What do you think it takes to build a long term collaboration?

  • What are the risks when you lose loyalty?
  • What can you do to build loyalty to your business or to yourself?


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