I just got word today that I have been chosen to serve as a panelist to speak at Prudential's Multi-Cultural Marketing Symposium in Newark, NJ on September 21, 2010.  This is a wonderful opportunity to meet and network with many multi-cultural leaders within Prudential's network.

One thing I've learned in business is that relationships take time to build and can last for decades if not a lifetime.  This event was several years in the works, and I am thankful for the networking opportunities I gained through my leadership role in the National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP).  This is where I had an opportunity to showcase my speaking skills.  Through that organization, a Prudential executive reached out to me to consider this opportunity. 

As a member of the National Speakers Association, I had an opportunity to chair a panel at the Denver 2007 Winter Workshop for the Diversity Professional Expert Group (PEG).  The recording of that session also helped to broaden my exposure by showcasing my moderating skills on the platform covering this topic.  I'm thankful for my association memberships!  They have been a great investment!