I must admit, I had no idea who Russell Simmons was when I went to the BookExpo in New York a few weeks back.  I had attended the luncheon where he was a panelist, and all the members of the audience received his new book, "Do You!  12 Laws to Access the Power in You to Achieve Happiness and Success." 

He was kind enough to stay after the luncheon to speak with members of the audience and to sign books, and you may recall from my previous posting on June 2nd (My Book Expo Lunch with Celebrities), he accepted the origami crane that I gave to him and placed it in his pocket.   

I just finished the book, and I must say that I’m now a big fan.  What I like most about him is his openness to embrace change and different points of view.  I was also surprised that this mogul of hip-hop was a vegetarian and practices yoga regularly.  In fact, in much of the book he quotes different yoga principles and attests to how yoga has changed his life.

Take the time to pick up this book.  It’s a good read.  You may not agree with everything he says, and that’s fine.  It’s okay to think differently.   What I like most about his message is that he promotes keeping your visions/dreams alive, perserverance, giving back to the community and speaking the truth.   He admits he isn’t writing anything new and that most of this can be found in all kinds of religions and their related scriptures. 

I aspire to be an author someday, and I hope to be as approachable and giving as this man was of his time and talents.  The closest I’d come to hip-hop was watching the Eminem movie, "8 mile", the "Hustle and Flow" movie with Terrence Howard, and watching the Dave Chappelle show with a reference to Tupac Shakur.   I feel grateful now that Russell Simmons has opened up my eyes and ears to a whole new world.  I plan to start listening to the messages in hip-hop and learn more about what this has to offer and to look at my own visions for living and live my truth!    

Thank you, Russell Simmons, for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us!

If you could write a book, what WISDOM would you share with others?

What CULTURE is new to you and what would you do to OPEN your eyes and ears to it?

How can you ensure you live your life everyday TRUE to YOURSELF and true to your VISION?