Sustainable Strategic Planning Topics

Sustainable Strategic Planning

How do you ensure that your vision and mission continue to thrive? How do you maintain your original goals and also provide flexibility for future expansion and changes? Clear evaluation of your organization’s vision, mission and goals, its products and services, customer perceptions and market evaluation help to set a strategic direction and revitalize your organization. In this session, you will learn to use well-developed strategic planning tools to create a framework for your organization that incorporates your original vision, considers future directions, and revitalizes your organization.

Transform Your Workplace: Strategic Planning to Provide Social Impact

The next decade will be one of tremendous growth and promise as more organizations embrace social enterprise and social entrepreneurship. Muhammad Yunnus has brought microfinance to the forefront. Al Gore has brought climate change to the world’s attention. Universities around the world are incorporating sustainable business practice into their curriculums. More buyers are looking for organizations that give back to the community while incorporating smart business practices. Participants will learn how to evaluate their organizations and create a plan to transform their workplaces to incorporate social benefit into their business strategies. There is no time like the present to begin moving your organization into this direction.

Leadership Topics

Leaders as Continuous Learners

With the current avalanche of information and knowledge about future trends, how do I know what is crucial for leadership effectiveness? What tools do I need to be an effective leader in the knowledge age? We need to re-tool for new rules. We will explore how to engage in “just in time” learning and the keys for motivation and effectiveness from an individual perspective as well as an organizational perspective. Alternatively, this can be viewed within organizations as learning communities. This session will enable participants to embrace continuous learning as a way of life (a way of leading) and how to accomplish this personally and professionally.

Transitions – Moving from the Private to Nonprofit Sector

This session will be a participatory exploration with information and advice to help attendees learn how to successfully translate private-sector experience into an effective and productive role in the nonprofit world. Participants will understand the characteristics of culture and governance of community based nonprofits and how these can differ from for profit organizations, learn the skills and the business experience needed to transfer smoothly to the nonprofit sector, and discuss and become familiar with cutting edge developments such as venture philanthropy, social enterprise, and social entrepreneurship.

Advance Your Career Through Effective Persuasion: Become a Communication Powerhouse

In the workplace, it is not enough to just perform your duties well on the job, the art of navigating the political nuances and the art of persuasion can help to catapult your career. Developing solid communication skills to elevate your visibility and image are critical to ensuring success.

  • Learn three techniques to communicate effectively.
  • Gain confidence in speaking & addressing senior executives and leaders.
  • Create an action plan to improve speaking & persuasion skills.

Is Fear Limiting Your Potential? Find Your Courage to Succeed.

Have you lost an opportunity because you were afraid to pursue it? Is fear holding you back from giving a presentation, from asking for a raise or from moving to a new department or career? Occasionally, you can be the one holding yourself back from achieving success because of fear. Fear is a chemical response in the brain that causes us to take a safer route rather than taking risks and moving outside of your comfort zone. Don’t let fear hold you back from obtaining goals and new achievements.

  • Understand the “fight or flight” fear response and how to find the courage to overcome this.
  • Review how standing out and differentiating yourself is valued in different cultures.
  • Learn how to craft clear messages and become a more confident speaker.
  • Create an action plan to find your courage and position yourself as a leader.

The above is a partial list of speeches that are available for your event. Specialized topics can also be customized to meet your needs. For more information, please contact us.