WCCA8 Naomi Takeuchi will be a featured presenter on September 1-2, 2010 in Norfolk, VA at the Tidewater Community College campus at 300 Granby Street.  The course is offered by the TCC Academy for Nonprofit Excellence and is the continuation of a nonprofit ethics class she taught in the Spring.  The class is entitled "Standards and Accountability:  Maintaining the Public Trust Part II" and space is still available.  

Designed to support board members and staff leaders as they strive to
meet high standards of ethical conduct, accountability, and
transparency, the standards and accountability course series explores
tools and resources to evaluate and improve business practices to bring
them in line with commonly accepted accountability standards.  Part II
will cover planning, governance, public policy & advocacy,
strategic alliances, evaluation, and accounting principles. Attendance
at part I is not a prerequisite for part II.

Registration is available at:  http://www.tcc.edu/wd/academy/ShoppingCartregistration.htm 

If registering online, in the search field, type in "Takeuchi" in the Instructor Name field to find the course.