Success Comes from Planning and ExecutionRetreat.  I remember finishing a one day retreat session with Rodney Walker for the Robey Theatre Company at the beautiful Descanzo Gardens in the greater LA area. Retreats at beautiful locations are a wonderful way to engage Board members to address challenging situations. Facing tough decisions at an offsite location are best.

Planning.  We spent the day discussing current methods and future ideas and came away with a commitment from the Board members.  It was a fabulous time of collaboration, new ideas and understanding the long-term vision of our organizations.

1000 Cranes, LLC  Naomi TakeuchiCommunication Powerhouse Tip of the Week:  Success Comes from Planning and Execution In the end, as with most non-profits, clearly understanding the competitive dynamics and adapting to a fundraising plan are critical to the success of an organization.

One of our success philosophies is “Success comes from planning and execution.” Now that we have pulled together a solid strategy, it’s just a matter of refining and executing the plan.

The board is committed to this, and we have no doubt their sustainability plan will be a success!

  • Do you follow-through after making plans from a strategy session?
  • Why do you think organizations stumble after extensive planning?
  • Why is it difficult for some to execute?

How About You?  Are you able to find success from Planning and Execution?  Do you find a retreat helpful to help you strategize your goals?  I look forward to your comments below or contact Naomi Takeuchi here.