Logansmile I never thought I would ever consider how sustainable strategic planning would apply to a family pet but after reading this article today on the CNN website alled "Reduce your dog's carbon pawprint," it opened my eyes to why dogs provide a bigger carbon footprint.  Robert Vale says, "Basically dogs are bad for the environment because they are large carnivores, so it takes a lot of land to provide their foods."  This article mentions that "a medium-sized dog has twice the impact of driving the luxury SUV 10,000 miles." 

I must say, there is no chance that I will be giving up my dog, but now I'm considering purchasing carbon credits to offset his carbon usage.   The article also suggests some simple ways to consider changing simple things such as evaluating the kind of flea/tick treatments and the type of poop bags used.  Just as with any kind of sustainable strategic planning, simple steps can go a long way to sustainability. 

Have you thought about the carbon usage of your pets? 

What steps have you taken to offset and/or reduce this usage?