With over two billion people watching around the world, the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton became big news. With all the doom and gloom and bad news that we’ve seen with tornadoes, tsunamis and tragedies, it’s nice to see an optimistic event take the center stage.

What impressed me the most about the couple was their decision to create a charitable fund where people can direct donations to twenty six charities in lieu of wedding gifts.  The donations are separated into five categories which are:

– Changing Lives Through Arts and Sport;
– Children Fulfilling Their Potential;
– Help and Care at Home;
– Support for Service Personnel and Their Families and
– Conservation for Future Generations

The charities cover a wide range of areas.  And this was a perfect gesture for a couple who embraces the philosophy of sustainability.  When a couple like this clearly has financial stability, giving back to general social and environmental returns is a perfect way to celebrate a new life together. What spoke to me on the social side was the couple’s choice of charities such as the post traumatic stress organization called “Combat Stress.”

On the environmental side, the couple gave a nice touch by chosing trees as decorative elements in Westminster Abbey rather than traditional flowers that are not renewable.   Several of the charities supported by the fund also support animal organizations in an attempt to rescue endangered animals such as elephants, black rhinos and tigers.

If the couple had decided to make a truly sustainable wedding, with all the fuss over the wedding dress, it would have been a nice touch if the wedding dress was made from recycled materials such as organic cotton, hemp or bamboo.  Overall, the event was a spectacle that also showcased sustainable options for a wedding.

Overall, the royal couple did a fantastic job of demonstrating ways to give back socially and respect the environment through their actions.  Congratulations!

Have you considered a “green wedding” as an option?

Are there simple ways you can look at events to make them sustainable?

What impact are you making with your personal social events?