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January 2013

What's Unspoken is Just as Important – Sight and Smell

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January 8, 2013

Are you making the best first impression?  What you don’t say is just as important as what you do say.  Naomi Takeuchi - Leadership Development

“There can be as much value in the blink of an eye as in months of rational analysis.” – Malcolm Gladwell, Blink:The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

Think about how all five of your senses are engaged when you meet people.  Too often, we focus on just the spoken word when we work to become a “Communication Powerhouse.”  However, the unspoken word and the things we do that engage the other senses are just as important.

A friend of mine who competes in humor competitions told me that your jokes and humor need to punch in the first seven seconds.  You need to get the audience to like you immediately.  Similarly, when people meet you for the first time, you are being assessed in the first seven seconds.  There are several clues you are giving to others before you even […]

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What is Your Point of View (POV)? Clients will buy from you if this is clear

2017-01-17T17:22:43-04:00January 2nd, 2013|Communication Powerhouse|

January 2, 2013

Welcome to our first edition of the Communication Powerhouse Tip of the Week!

Microphone Some of you may have been wondering, “What’s happened to the 1000 Cranes® Blog?   There hasn’t been a post in awhile.”  Since mid-2011, 1000 Cranes® has had tremendous success with its core sustainable strategic planning business providing customers services to provide social and financial impact to organizations.  In doing so, a new set of services have evolved stemming from the need of clients to better present their newly formed strategic plans to potential funders and clients.   Several organizations approached 1000 Cranes® to also provide skills to develop public speaking and leadership skills.  This expansion of the 1000 Cranes® business has now led to a new focus from “Sustainable Strategic Planning” to “Leadership Development.”  The new focus of “Leadership Development” will provide a larger umbrella to include not only our strategic planning and business development consulting services but also expand into consulting with organizations regarding communication development […]

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December 2012

How Faithful Are You to Your Customers, Partners and Prospects?

2017-01-17T17:22:43-04:00December 29th, 2012|1. Faith and Vision|

200pxhachiko“Patience is the companion of wisdom”. ~ Saint Augustine

In Tokyo, there is a statue commemorating a faithful dog named Hachiko.  He was an Akita who always came to the railroad station to greet his owner at the train station and accompany him on the walk home.

Unfortunately, the owner died at work one day and never returned home.

Hachiko continued to go to the railroad station as his normal custom and wait along the platform for his owner to arrive.  He continued to do this for another 11 years after his owner’s death always waiting to escort his owner home.

EVERY DAY for 11 years, he continued this vigil.

The faithfulness of dogs is inspiring, and it reminds us of the importance of loyalty and faithfulness to customers, partners and prospects.

When building relationships, it’s important to remember this kind of loyalty.  Sometimes a customer, partner or prospect may not respond right away or miss a meeting or not […]

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September 2010

Appreciating Your Customers

2017-01-17T17:22:46-04:00September 8th, 2010|1000 Cranes News, 5. Helping Others|

Blue_gift I recently completed an online survey for a hotel property regarding a recent stay in Virginia.  I have been generally pretty happy staying at this property line, so I was very disappointed when I woke up that morning to find that the hot water wasn’t working at the hotel.   There’s nothing worse in my opinion that having to deal with a cold shower before getting ready for an important meeting or speaking engagement.

Pressing On. Needless to say, I had to grin and bear it, and I must admit it was a terrible start to the day.   I think I’m paying the price by fighting a cold from the stress of the situation.  I had thought that the next time I was in that area, I would likely consider another place to stay, so when the survey came through, I thought it was time to provide some honest feedback.

Survey Results.  I didn’t think much after submitting the […]

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August 2010

Why people choose to join groups – The CLIC Theory

2017-01-17T17:22:47-04:00August 27th, 2010|5. Helping Others|

In my years as a member of Toastmasters International, I have noticed that people tend to gravitate and join a club for four reasons. I use the acronym CLIC to remember these reasons:

  1. C – Convenience
  2. L – Learning
  3. I – Idea of Belonging
  4. C – Characteristics that Define a Club

One of the first reasons a person chooses a club is because of the CONVENIENCE The club is convenient geographically and the time the club meets is convenient. For some a morning, lunchtime or evening meeting works best.
If the club isn't convenient for someone, he or she will often join a club because it is a place where he or she will be LEARNING a great deal. In this case, the club must provide significant value for the inconvenience.

Most importantly, a person needs to have the IDEA that the club is a place where he or she can belong. If the idea of belonging becomes strong enough, the person will want to join. People need to feel welcomed and see themselves as an integrated member of the group.

Lastly, […]

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The Gift of Time and Attention

2017-01-17T17:22:48-04:00August 20th, 2010|5. Helping Others|

Dove I have been reflecting on the blessings I have in my life right now.  I'm blessed to have good health as everyday, I am healthy enough to have the opportunity to walk my dog once or twice a day.  I find it to be a joy and a privilege as I know several friends and family members who are bedridden with sicknesses right now who would relish the opportunity I have to do this every day.  Every day is a gift, and I keep telling myself how wonderful each day can be.   

I also count my blessings regarding the privilege I have to work with nonprofits and others who are helping others overcome illnesses, strengthen communities and provide independent living.  I know despite any bad days I may have, I am very blessed to live my current life. 

In this down economy, although it may be difficult to give vast amounts of cash donations, giving […]

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