Dove I have been reflecting on the blessings I have in my life right now.  I'm blessed to have good health as everyday, I am healthy enough to have the opportunity to walk my dog once or twice a day.  I find it to be a joy and a privilege as I know several friends and family members who are bedridden with sicknesses right now who would relish the opportunity I have to do this every day.  Every day is a gift, and I keep telling myself how wonderful each day can be.   

I also count my blessings regarding the privilege I have to work with nonprofits and others who are helping others overcome illnesses, strengthen communities and provide independent living.  I know despite any bad days I may have, I am very blessed to live my current life. 

In this down economy, although it may be difficult to give vast amounts of cash donations, giving your time and attention to those around you can often be a better gift.  I have made it a point to help someone at least once a week, giving them my time and attention without any expectation of anything in return.  I find that it's a way to nurture my soul.  

Whether it's helping my brother move some furniture or helping a friend brainstorm about her business, the donation of time and attention is a gift that we all should give to each other.  I always appreciate it when people take time out of their busy days to lend me their advice and opinion, and by dedicating at least a few hours a week to help others, it is an investment in your soul and spiritual well-being that will pay for itself for many years to come. 

What do you do to give your time to others?

How do you feel when others give their time to help you?

If you were given a choice to get a donation of money or an hour's worth of a person's time, which would you choose?