In the last month, we’ve received more inquiries into our business which I believe is due to the power of referrals and the name recognition of 1000 Cranes

In one case, we’ve partnered with a firm in Los Angeles in providing instructors for some of their grants training.  We have a partner consultant up in Jersey City, NJ working with their students for this week, and we recently assisted them with engagements in Seattle, WA and Raleigh, NC.  All of this work came from a simple request on our web form. 

Since we provide quality customized instruction, coaching and consulting services,  and even though this group never met us, they were ready get 1000 Cranes involved with their programs.  The recognition and reputation of the 1000 Cranes brand got their attention, and web search engines that picked up on our grant instruction led them to us! 

This week, we’ve received two inquiries from personal referrals.  When a friend recommends us, I believe that is one of the highest compliments we can receive.  That friend is putting their reputation on the line, and they know they want to give their friend the best advice.   

We haven’t met either of these prospects, and yet they already trust us.  This is how valuable personal references can be. 

Here are some ideas to increase your referrals to your business:

1) Create the ultimate product or service that people will give rave reviews to their friends.  It doesn’t matter how good your marketing is, if you don’t have a good product or service people won’t come back. 

2) Give useful items that help your customer.  There have been many times where I’ve given customers and prospects books that I think will help them with their planning efforts.  One of these, for example, is the Standards for Accountability Codebook which is something board members can immediately use and can be easily shipped in a 6×9 envelope. 

3) Create appealing high quality brands and trademarks and protect these. We invested in hiring Image Associates early in the development of our company to focus on graphic art for our brand positioning.  The colors, artwork, and placement were all provided through a professional service.  If your company comes across as looking unprofessional because you don’t have quality images, your customers will also feel you don’t spend the quality time with them as well. 

What are you doing to encourage referrals and name recognition with your organization?

Do you give away useful items to potential customers and reward customers who keep coming back? 

How are you positioning yourself to get into new market opportunities, and are you hiring the right professionals to help you get there?