In a recent article on ZDNet Asia, SAS recently announced a new tool called the "Sustainability Management Scorecard" which allows companies to measure their effectiveness toward the triple bottom line of fiscal, social and environmental returns through its decision support software. 

The SAS solution was launched in conjunction with the 2008 SAS Forum
Malaysia, themed Intelligently Green, which featured speakers from World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Malaysia
and local actress Maya Karin, who is also Ambassador of Environment for
the country’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

From what I understand from the news report, its Sustainability Management Scorecard provides a platform that is integrated where companies can review strategies using this tool do determine causal relationships,  forecast scenarios and make key decisions regarding what strategies should be implemented. 

It is based on the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform which relies on  "triple bottom line indicators"

Thomas Spiller, SAS’s senior director of international programs, noted that while most executives support green IT business strategies, few actually know how to prioritize and incorporate the strategies into their business operations.  Having a tool of this kind gives organizations a structured approach in implementing these strategies.

Strategic tools such as this one can help managers evaluate the current landscape to determine best future directions.  Hopefully, more tools such as this will be made accessible to smaller organizations and start-up businesses who are also considering ways to become more socially and environmentally responsible. 

What tools do you use to measure your effectiveness in your organization?

If a Sustainability Management Scorecard were available to you, would you start using it? 

How much would you be willing to pay to have such a tool?