LEGO Masters New Zealand Season 1 Episode 1

Interview by MoreAmor

#MOCImprov Anniversary Episode

On July 1, 2022, 1000 Cranes Studios transitioned from its traditional consulting service model into a fully digital multimedia company!  This new shift of the company has been gradually taking place since 2018 with the introduction and development of Brickanista Films and The Brickanista Broadcast Network (BBN).  And in four short years, the time has come to fully embrace this new way the company will grow.  The company will continue as 1000 Cranes Studios for the foreseeable future.    

1000 Cranes Studios will continue to leverage its strength in the educational market with a focus on brickbuilding and animation.  We are happy to introduce our brickbuilding mascot, Pandey Panda, who will join the rankswith our company mascot, Candey Crane.  Several other cartoon characters have been in development since 2014, and stay tuned as we begin to introduce these in the years to come.

It is an exciting time in the evolution of our business, and we thank all of our supporters as we continue on this exciting new journey together!